Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chairperson's Messege

I feel privileged to be part of an organization with a long tradition of dedicated service to the nation . First and foremost . We are commited to serving community by providing quality education of an international standard within our cultural framework to our students in our schools across the country . Our schools offer the fines facilities-these include : state-of-the art computer laboratories, fully equipped science laboratories, well stock libraries, teaching aids and all other facilities needed creating an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning . We are proud of the fact that we have been able to make a significant contribution towards quality education in Pakistan . We have always believed that education is the right of every child : we have, therefore, tried to reach out as far and wide as we could . We aim to bring meaningful and productive education to all, ensuring that each one receives his/her due right-accessible and affordable education we work with different education organization such as be (British Council) & Face to Faith launch by Tony Blair . These organizations do work for development of education and community in work .Our teacher attain different meeting and attain different skills for development of students and class environment.


  1. Great website and fantastic photographs. I'm really interested in your work with the British Council.

    Please share your experiences in teaching global issues on the Act Global teacher network: www.teachactglobal.org.


  2. hi
    i am mark wollf from usa your web page so co-lour full you work with Bc is so great

  3. Hi,
    I am Margaret from Taiwan. My daughter,Jenny, works with Mr. Muhammod Nadeem khan on the iEARN project "school uniform exchange." She likes the project very much. This is a wonderful experience for her. Thanks for you and your students. Thanks for the Chrstmas cards. They are so pretty.

    The school website clearly shows how hard you work on the international projects. To be your school students is lucky!


  4. Hi,
    I'm Cindea from Taiwan, the facilitator of iEARN School Uniform Exchange project. We are glad to have you join our project, and nice to meet your students on line on Nov 26th. We would like to meet them again on line yesterday (Dec 28th). However, due to time zone, it's very difficult for you to join the VC. I'll try to find the time for your students to join again. Thanks for your great efforts on SUE project.
    All the best,

  5. it is very good thing.

  6. Hi, I am Mark Wolf from the state Hawaii in America. I am happy to see the start of a good website for a very good school and students! I hope our students communicate in the future :)

    Thank you for all your school does to education these children.


  7. Asslam o Alaikum. I am Jahangeer Tahir (Managing Director, Little Angels Publications).This is an awesome effort. I am very much pleased and astonished to see your website. Your are really doing the efforts which are most needed at this time. May Allah give you the strength to continue such social efforts.